A simple 5-step procedure

1 / You contact us on our website for a complimentary and confidential estimate

A complete and precise description allows a quick response: A picture is worth a thousand words, so illustrate with a few images the information you give us (cover, binding, title page, signatures, flaws, possible accidents, description or previous estimate, purchase slip if available …).

2 / A rapid answer

Within 48 hours, our specialists give a first opinion (rarity, quality, estimate) which allows you to appreciate the opportunity of an offer for sale. The decision to entrust your property to us comes at this stage.

3 / A consignment contrat

With full transparency, a consignment contract informs you of the terms of sale.
This contract specifies our commitments, your guarantees and the seller’s commission. You are responsible for packing, shipping and insurance charges but upon delivery of your consignment, your property is covered by our insurance, for transportation and the duration of storage – The insured amount is fixed by joint agreement.

4 / Validation of the descriptions with you

During the preparation of the catalog, you receive a written confirmation with the description and the estimate for each property entrusted, as it will appear in the catalog. We validate them together.

5 / You will be paid one month after the auction

After the sale, you are kept informed of the hammer prices and the unsold lots, if any. You received the payment, in accordance with the terms you will have indicated to us, within one month, provided we are in receipt of the buyer’s payment.